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Nov. 4th: Equal Pay Workshop in Berlin to prepare 2016 campaign, led by Henrike Von Platen, BPW Germany President
Participants : Karin Raguin, BPW Europe Coordinator Emanuela Heyninck, Pay Equity Office Ontar...
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2nd Young BPW Europe Symposium - Leaders of the Future
The second  Young Symposium in Tallinn was a great success.   The topic of the second Yo...
100th anniversary Wally Karveno, BPW Member BPW France
Nov 21 2014 in Paris Gabriella Canonica (Past VP BPW International) & Karin Raguin (BPW Eu...
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Kick-Off Day European Conference 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland
15th November 2014: Kick-Off Day in Zurich for the European Conference 2016
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