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1st BPW International Sustainability Report published in Jeju
The 1st Sustainability Report was published in Jeju 2014   The 2011-2014 BPW International Executive decided to produce the first Sustainability Report and agreed that it was time to look ...
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Equal Pay Day Resource sheet
New material about initiatives and partnerships from BPW International published in Jeju
Learn more about BPW Initiatives, Partnerships and Projects   At the congress in Jeju BPW International presented and distributed several new documents to promote the initiatives of BPW and its...
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Impressions from International Congress in Jeju
Photos and impressions from our International Congress in Jeju   This video was created by Giuseppa Bombaci our BPW Europe secretary who is also the chair of the standing committee Art & Cu...
BPW International Executive Board 2014
New International Executive Board elected in Jeju
The new International Executive Board has been elected at the last day of congress in Jeju.     The newly elected BPW International Executive are (from left to right) Young BPW – Ke...
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Regional Meeting in Jeju
New Website of BPW Europe launched at the Regional Meeting in Jeju Before the congress starts each region has a regional meeting for all participants of the region. The room of the regional Meeting o...
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BPW Club Moscow 1 (one)
Ms Irena  Voytsekohovskaya
Gagarina Street 37 ap 68
RU- Moscow - Zhukovsky Russia
  • Private fax: + 7 495 556 83 64
  • Private mail:
  • Office phone: + 7 495 556 8364
Saint Petersburg
"BPW  1st - N-W Club"
Ms Elena  VoloshenkoKOMENDANTSKI 14-1-164


  • Private phone: +7812 3493153
  • Private mail:
  • Office phone: +7812 9731776
  • Office mail:
 "BPW Club Neva"
Natalia  Zelenskaia
u.Kartashihina, 21-20
RU-199406 St. Petersburg
  • Private phone: +7 812 3562579
  • Private fax: +7 812 356 25 79
  • Private mail:
  • Office phone: +7 812 3281253
  • Mobile/GSM: 8 921 745 91 76
BPW Club Moscow 2 (two)
Smolensky PassageSmolenska Square 3

RU-121099 Moscow Moscow region

  • Private phone: +7(495)598-8716

  • Private fax: +7(495)598-8716

  • Private mail:

  • Office phone: +7(495)933-8937

  • Office fax: +7(495)937-8290

  • Mobile/GSM: +7(925)740-6213

BPW Tomsk


Mrs. Elvira Fedorovna LamonovaSchorsa str. 11-32

RU-634012 Tomsk Russia

  • Private phone: +7-382-2-55-34-52
  • Private mail:
  • Office phone: +7-382-2-51-66-38
  • Office fax: +7-382-2-51-51-35
  • Office mail:
  • Mobile/GSM: +7-913-827-45-60